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As our name suggests, CU Rise has been created to do right by mid and small financial institutions and their members. We are a group of highly motivated data scientists and technology professionals looking to make a difference by helping our clients leverage their data to rise and meet the service needs of their members.

This help will come in the form of better and more personalized service to their members and customers though actionable insights, stronger business intelligence and advanced statistical models. We enable our clients to compete with their larger competitors.

We are not a Fintech, motivated by external funding, high valuations and exit plans. By securing funding from the institutions we serve, we are committing CU Rise to our broader mission of doing right by our clients and our communities as well.

In short, we aim to use data science so our clients can educate their teams, inspire their employees and elevate service to their members. Our mission inspires and drives our team and our client feedback speaks volumes about our positive results.


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