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Our Community Credit Union joins growing list of CU Rise Analytics clients to access powerful predictive models

Posted on May 2, 2019 at 12:45 AM

Today, credit unions operate in a landscape dramatically impacted by technology. Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, and deep analysis of the ever-growing amount of data is a crucial strategy for credit unions that want to understand members’ needs and behaviors, and proactively respond in targeted, effective ways.

Bert Fisher, CEO of OCCU was impressed with CU Rise’s ability to help them effectively target efforts with the most return. “CU Rise analyzed last year’s member attrition data in the Predictive Model Suite and revealed the ways we could have more narrowly focused our efforts. We immediately realized that this not only provides huge cost-savings, but we expect to get better results from more targeted efforts. This is a big step in our analytics evolution and we expect CU Rise to be a crucial partner at each step.”

Currently, the Predictive Model Suite includes a set of ready-to-use models along with the option to custom build additional models built around OCCU’s specific needs. The suite synthesizes a multitude of factors drawn from the members’ demographics details, behavioral traits, transactional history and relationship with credit union to generate easily-actionable intelligence, reports and lists.

This article was originally purblished on CU Insight.

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