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Predictive Model Suite 

A Machine Learning Powered Framework

Experience across the member’s life cycle with credit union matters. From acquisition to onboarding to retention, each stage is important and poses different challenges. Predictive models built on member data can help you form the most efficient strategies for members bringing significant marketing efficiencies.

CU Rise’s Predictive Model Suite is a machine learning powered product that can help credit unions of all sizes to better understand and manage their members. This product eliminates the need for elaborate and resource intensive analytical capabilities at the credit union’s end.


  • Adopt a proactive role in understanding members’ needs
  • Build strategies and plans based on data and not on chance
  • Get targeted list of members for your marketing campaigns
  • Improve results of retention, engagement and cross-sell efforts
  • Achieve better appropriation of marketing budget and efficiencies

Attrition Prediction


Identifies the members that are about to leave helping credit unions build retention and re-engagement strategies for them.

Engagement Scoring


Evaluates how engaged a member is helping credit unions formulate their post onboarding stage strategies differently for their highly vs less engaged members.

Product Propensity


Finds the next best product for the members improving members’ response to credit unions’ cross-sell efforts and marketing campaigns.