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Rise with Analytics : S01W01 Analytics is not the future
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Yes, you read it correctly, Analytics is not the future, it has already become an integrated part of everything that we do today. Finance and banking are all about numbers and there is a great opportunity to convert these numbers into actionable insights. Sophisticated models with business knowledge are transforming this industry. Are you analytics ready? Register now and learn how analytics can sustain your competitive edge.

Rise with Analytics: S01W02
Storytelling with Visualization
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Volume of data has been increasing exponentially at credit unions and data science is being used to make strategic sense of this data. Dashboards are being used to understand what the data is suggesting. This webinar unlocks the power of visualization in data science and helps you learn how to implement the optimum visualization tools at your organization. 

Rise with Analytics: S01W03
Making Data Science Actionable
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In today’s world where the data is available in abundance resorting to analytics has become a necessity for credit unions. Most of them are doing some or other kind of analytics however the success of these efforts is determined by the process followed from analytics to actions. Given the complexities of data world it is also the time to adopt something more powerful like predictive models to lead our actions.

Webinar Schedule

 time (est)
S01W01: Rise with Analytics 
Analytics is not the future (Request a Recording)
1st May, 2018
2:00 PM
S01W02: Rise with Analytics
Storytelling with Visualization(Request a Recording)
31st July, 2018
2:00 PM
S01W03: Rise with Analytics
Making data science Actionable (Request a Recording)
10th September 
, 2018
2:00 PM
S02W01: Member Life Cycle
Member Onboarding
Coming Soon
S02W02: Member Life Cycle
Member Engagement
Coming soon
S02W03: Member Life Cycle 
Risk Mitigation
Coming soon
S02W04: Member Life Cycle
Member Retention 
Coming soon
S03W01: Credit Card Analytics

Credit Card, An Interactive product

Coming soon
S03W02:  Credit Card Analytics
Credit Limit Management
Coming soon
S03W03:  Credit Card Analytics
Campaign Analytics
Coming soon