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Optics - Analytical BI Suite

Decipher Data to Uncover Insights

Are you struggling to use your data to take business decisions?

Aggregating, synthesizing, and visually-presenting metrics on key performance indicators can help you accurately analyze patterns and trends.

CU Rise’s Optics is an advanced business intelligence product facilitating this for credit unions to take data driven decisions effortlessly. It allows them to use an innovative tiered metrics capability to analyze and visualize data. The product has been developed such that it supports BI needs of credit unions of all sizes without them to invest highly in this area.


  • Achieve efficiency in strategic decision making
  • Consolidates and visualizes most important data
  • Helps mitigate risk and chances by using data
  • Derive insights about not only present but past too
  • Provides a user friendly experience

The data is presented in form of easy to interpret graphs, dashboards and tables at three levels (called as Tiers):

Credit Union at a glance (Tier 1)

  • Provides an overview of the important           KPIs responsible for credit union’s     
     performance, risk and product portfolios

Interactive Dashboards (Tier 2)

  • Helps  filter the metrics based on                   branch,date, product and sub-products
  • Analyzes the performance trends of key       strategic initiatives
  • Provides customized views and insights       from the data

Data Extraction (Tier 3)

  • Get detailed report for a required data           point
  • Download the report with just a click