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Risk Monitoring

Post sub-prime crisis, credit unions have gone aggressive in lending owing to improvement in creditworthiness of the members. With that, there is an increasing need around risk monitoring and prediction. Every credit union would like to get answers on the following.

  • To predict the risk occurrence in advance
  • To have effective collection process
  • To have right controls in place to mitigate the risk
  • To have right underwriting strategies

At CU Rise, we have expert analysts who can help you accomplish all this by building right statistical models/risk score cards, that can be used by your Credit Risk and Collection Departments to create efficiencies. Following are few examples of what we can build for you

  • Predicting the risk occurrence
  • Likelihood of roll-forward/Cure back from current delinquency bucket
  • Risk Scorecards
  • Collection Optimization – who to concentrate on?
  • Best Collection Channel model
  • Expected recovery amount Model
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