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Topic:             Learn the Why, When and How of Credit Limit Increases


Growing card balances and spend has become a big challenge for financial institutions especially credit unions which are competing with large banks for a share in the consumer's wallet. Your credit union is not unique in resorting to various card management strategies and offering members 0% balance transfers, free card upgrades, lucrative rewards on increased spend and card activation but still struggling to keep your performance up. What is missing - is to adopt a scientific approach in planning and executing these strategies to achieve desired success. Credit unions are striving hard to offer optimized credit limit increases (CLI) to members to improve member engagement and satisfaction. A poorly designed CLI campaign can cost you not only expensive marketing dollars with no results but worse subjecting the loan portfolio to higher risks. In this webinar we intend to elaborate upon a good CLI campaign and discuss ways to plan and execute it successfully.

The webinar would include:

  • Uniqueness of Credit Card as a Product
  • Different kinds of Card Campaigns and their analytics
  • Customized Credit Limit Increase (CLI) Campaigns
  • Why, When & How of CLIs
  • Importance of RC-CR Approach (Risk exclusion, Clustering – Compliance check, Recommendation)
  • Credit Union Success Stories


Jan 23, 2019 2:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)