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CU Rise supports Education and Health of Underprivileged Children 

CU Rise is proud to be associated with Harbans Bhalla Educational Trust (HBET) in the cause of providing education and good health to the underprivileged children to promote their holistic growth and development. HBET was started 21 years ago as a modest effort to help a few children but today it supports a region wide literacy program in Jammu (India) where over 5300 scholarships and INR 1 crore 32 lakhs of funds have already been awarded to needy children, especially girls.  HBET is supporting the children from economically poor and educationally backward families in the rural areas by providing financial, medical, academic, social and psychological help. We are committed to help HBET to achieve their five year goals of doubling student enrollment and increasing penetration in nearby villages by 5 times. Learn more about HBET and its initiatives at