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Visualization & Reporting

While we develop extremely sophisticated models that delivers actionable outcomes, it is crucial how to interpret them. Our customized interactive dashboards help you get the valuable insights from data. Reports can be updated automatically as new data comes in. We have expertise in building cost effective dashboards according to requirement and organization's IT infrastructure.

Some of our customized Data Science powered dashboards include:

  • Member Engagement Scoring
  • Member Attrition Predictions
  • Member Value Index
  • Cross Selling Opportunity  

These dashboards can be developed at Member as well as portfolio level. Data science powered dashboards use machine learning algorithms at back end to provide actionable insights. Some of the dashboards provides Key Performance Indicators and overall view of the product portfolio.

  • Member Transaction Analysis (Merchant Category wise transaction analysis)
  • Portfolio Health Check (Delinquency rates, Revenue, Fees, Balances and more)

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